Frequently Asked Questions 

The Challenge is designed to draw from the perspectives of a wide cross-section of society actors to shape the Hub and incentivize entrepreneurs to bring their energies and ideas to create it. 

Who can apply?

We believe the leadership for such a Hub can come from anywhere. Technologists, students, lawyers, universities, social entrepreneurs, journalists, researchers, business entrepreneurs or even companies committed to the vision of the Hub can apply individually or as a consortium.  It is, however, essential to have legal presence in India. If you are an individual, you need to have a PAN card in India. If you are an organization, or applying in collaboration with an organization, you need to be incorporated in India. 

What is the Selection Criteria?

Teams will compete in a multi-stage process that tests for specific criteria:

  • Commitment to the vision and credibility 

  • Track record of entrepreneurial capability and creativity

  • Strategy to ensure the adoption and growth of the Hub 

What is the Challenge Oversight?

  • Technical Jury: Agami will convene a high caliber Technical Jury that has legal and technological expertise to support the evaluation process. 

  • Jury: Agami will recruit a high caliber entrepreneurial jury with a track record of leading change. Agami will seek to ensure that the jury is diverse enough to fairly evaluate the approaches applicants will propose and develop through the course of the Challenge. The jury will convene, meet the shortlisted applicants in person, enquire to arrive at a fair judgment.