Data for Justice Challenge 2019




The Opportunity

Case related data and court judgements (‘judicial data’) made available for analysis can drive data-led solutions for improving systems of law and justice. From aiding researchers in their work, to helping governments better manage their litigation and policy decisions; to empowering journalists to build data-driven narratives; and enable legal technology companies to offer better services to citizens, the opportunity is huge. Judicial data made open and easy to access, and analyse, leveraging technology, can strengthen the community of data users looking to innovate upon or improve the current system.

We need easier access to judicial data and a thriving ecosystem of actors using this data to improve current systems

Challenge Fund

A dedicated starting fund of INR 1 CRORE has been earmarked for this initiative, including for the purposes of supporting the most promising organizations that can emerge through the Challenge.

The Approach

The Challenge seeks to draw perspectives from a cross-section of society actors, develop a shared understanding of the needs of the sector, identify the innovators with the will and ideas to create powerful solutions, and ultimately to curate a collaborative entrepreneurial effort that unlocks the true potential of judicial data.

  • Inviting Inputs: From data-users to technologists, we are keen to hear how you might use judicial data and your views on how we can enable greater access to and use of it. Join Agami Meetups in Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai, all through June, or attend our Virtual Meetup.

  • Framing the Challenge: Based on the inputs gathered in the first phase, and in consultation with an advisory board composed of experts and leaders in the space, we will frame the Challenge i.e. articulate its strategic direction and call-to-action.

  • Challenge Launch: With the launch of the Challenge, anyone interested in sharing their ideas and expressing their intention to develop solutions can do so online. Click here to get a notification of the launch of the Challenge.  

  • Evaluation by Expert Jury: Post a screening and interview process, shortlisted applicants will be evaluated by two expert Jury panels.

  • Collaborative Development: The organizers of the Challenge and other collaborators committed to its objectives will work with the team(s) that win the Challenge to develop the solutions that will enable greater access to and use of judicial data.

Challenge Outcomes

  • Enable anyone to easily access and analyse this open judicial data with reduced cost, time and effort

  • Strengthen and grow the community of active judicial data users

  • Supplement existing efforts towards transparency in accessibility of information to its stakeholders

  • Catalyze more innovations that leverage judicial data

With the support of various leaders and institutions, sophisticated technology, insightful research and analysis, and a strong community of judicial data users, this Challenge will lay the foundation to catalysing the future of data-driven action and innovation for improving systems of law and justice in India.

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Upcoming Events

  • Agami Meetup - Bangalore, June 17th, 2019; Omidyar Network India Office

  • Agami Meetup - New Delhi, June 20th, 2019; Sanskriti Foundation

  • Agami Meetup - Mumbai, June 21st, 2019; Location - Dasra Office

The Challenge will be guided by the ideas and experience of an advisory group comprised of five nationally-recognized entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders